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Weddings: Testimonials
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Our wedding on Guana Island was just incredible! The sun going down over the horizon was a perfect backdrop for our ceremony on Queen?s Terrace. Everything the band, the party, the food, the beaches, the sports, the fun and relaxation with friends and family in the days that followed will be in our memories forever.
?Dean and Mary

We wanted to let you know how we loved our weddingmoon on Guana Island. Everything was perfect. We want to thank everyone involved for ensuring our stay was fabulous and our wedding ceremony so elegant. Thanks again for a wonderful time at Guana.
?Derek and Sue

Our June wedding at Guana Island was about as perfect as anyone could ask for. The weather was beautiful, the Guana Island resort was beautiful, and, of course, Leah was beautiful. The ceremony was incredible! It took place on Queen?s Terrace overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Our day ended with a wedding dinner outside under the stars, our honeymoon hideaway, the North Beach Villa, is so remote that we had a golf cart to go back and forth.
?Leah and Jim

My family and I cannot thank you enough for all of your help in organizing my wedding weekend. Everything was wonderful! The managers as well as the rest of the Guana staff did an outstanding job. We all enjoyed an unforgettable weekend together!"
?Kim and Eric

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