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Nature: Marine Life
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Guana has three distinct reef areas for any level of snorkeling or scuba experience: White Bay, Muskmelon Bay, and North Bay.

White Bay
Here are a set of parallel patch reefs in shallow water, roughly at right angles to the beach. Surge channels separate these small reefs, but White Bay is leeward, so there are no strong waves or currents. This area is ideal for the fish-watcher and snorkeler, or the beginning diver. Swim along the side of a patch reef in the channel. This is a perfect place to see about 100 tropical reef fishes, waving gorgonians called ?fan corals," and the various species of hard corals.

Muskmelon Bay
This is a deep bay with spectacular reefs at 60 to 80 feet, a wonderful area for the experienced diver. Crab Cove makes a fine introduction to Muskmelon Bay for the snorkeler or beginning diver. A sandy bottom extends out from Muskmelon Beach, clearly visible from the Camanoe Roof Terrace, out into the deeper reef. Large, oceanic fishes like tuna and king mackerel may be seen here. The experienced diver will want to arrange a trip here by boat.

North Bay
This windward, rough-water bay is very different from the others. Definitely the place for experienced divers, North Bay has excellent deep reefs and wrecks. It can be best approached only by boat, so special arrangements must be made for this adventure.

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