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Guest Comments
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The best vacation of our lives without a doubt. Kayaking and hiking around the island was a great adventure. Snorkeling and White Bay Beach were highlights. The views were amazing and sunsets no words can describe. We will miss April and the entire staff on Guana!
—John and Kristine

Another fabulous trip to Guana. It is the little changes each year that keep on making our visits more and more special. Our 41st anniversary, most memorable…plan to keep coming up to and including our 50th!
—Pat and Peter

What a great experience this has been for us! Thank you for allowing a place like this to exist. The beautiful scenery and the amazing wildlife are breathtaking. Our wedding overlooking the sea and White Bay Beach was perfect. Thank you to everyone who made our stay so wonderful. We will miss everyone and everything about this place.
—Chris and Jennifer

We are so happy we chose to come to Guana for our honeymoon, as we can’t imagine a more enjoyable place. We loved it and will return again and again. Thank you so much for everything.
—Nick and Nicky

Our appreciation to each of you for making our visit so special…our family enjoyed the luxury of having the island to ourselves, and equally enjoyed the company of your wonderful staff. Our thanks to the Jarecki's for continuing to share this amazing place. My parents have long enjoyed this sacred spot – we now know why, first hand. We can’t imagine celebrating our 25th anniversary any other way! Thank you everyone,
— Kate and Craig and family (we will return)

Great place, great time, wonderful people. We hate to leave, but we will be back. First we have to recover from all the hiking, snorkeling and kayaking. This is the first time I can say that I actually lost weight on vacation while still eating very, very well. Jason and April, we love you and will miss you. You made us feel like a king and queen. See you again soon.
— Russ and Kim

It has been a truly magical experience; love, laughter and happiness abound on Guana. We will miss you all, iguanas included. Thank you for everything!
With love,
—Lucy and David

We’ve had the loveliest time imaginable – wonderful hikes and endless days on the beach – we will be thinking of you when it’s 40 degrees this January in Minnesota. It was a perfect, romantic vacation and we cannot wait to come back! — Steve and Kate

We are 100 percent positive this is one of the most beautiful places in the world!
I am so happy to have been able to come here and experience all the wonder here.
Thank you to the manager and staff, I will miss you all and am so sad to leave.
Thank you so very much.
—Karen and Steve

Oh, what a great sorrow
We will be back home tomorrow.
Still, there is hope for when
We will be back on Guana again.
—Albertine and John

It was so wonderful to come back – just like going to a family reunion, but with people you want to be with!!! Guana was as lovely as before; everyone made us feel right at home. —Margo and Michael

A magical place to spend our honeymoon and celebrate the beginning of our lives together. Guana is a spectacular and beautiful place that is made even more special by all the wonderful people we met here. We will be back someday soon!
Thank you, —Alicia and Lawrence

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